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Do you want to offer your customers quality products that are uniquely developed to please an entire generation? Whether it’s by making our bubble tea or the retail sale of our product sets, contact us today.

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  • Fax : 888 590-4449
  • C.P. 753 Amos, Québec, J9T 3X3

Bubble Tea Go

Bubble Tea Go is a product line managed by Millennials Foods.

Innovation is certainly what makes our company so unique. Everyday we try to better understand the tastes of Generation Y (“millennials”) in order to offer them trendy products that allow for a brilliant and entertaining culinary experience.

Our mission is to offer food products that meet the desires of this generation. The spirit of innovation that drives us allows us to create our brands by bringing unique and high quality products to the Canadian market!

For all questions about Bubble Tea Go or any other Millennials Foods products, please contact our team now!


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