Bubble Tea Go:
a world of freshness and flavour at your fingertips!

Enjoy a world full of delicious flavours by trying our homemade bubble tea sets that will delight your senses!

Our delicious drinks are offered in a wide variety of flavours…

All Bubble Tea Go sets include their own blend of flavoured tea and a portion of uniquely flavoured Mubble pearls!

  • Blueberry + Mango Mubbles
  • Watermelon + Strawberry Mubbles
  • Lemonade + Strawberry Mubbles
  • Mango + Strawberry Mubbles
  • Pina Colada + Strawberry Mubbles
  • Strawberry + Blueberry Mubbles
  • Sour Raspberry + Strawberry Mubbles

Try them all and find your favourite flavour.

How to drink your Bubble Tea Go?

Prepare your bubble tea in less than a minute!

Put it in a blender:

  • The contents of one Bubble Tea Go package
  • 150 ml of cold water or cold tea
  • 1 cup of ice

Mix everything together!

In just a few seconds, you’ll get a tasty drink!


 Add the Mubbles!

For each serving of bubble tea, add the equivalent of one half of a Mubbles container to the bottom of a glass and pour the iced tea mixture on top.


Add your straw and drink!

Add a straw to your bubble tea and savour each sip of your refreshing beverage!


Why is Bubble Tea Go the best way to discover bubble tea?

After causing an international craze, this refreshing and deliciously sweet beverage, originating from Taiwan, is now available in a convenient format for quick preparation right in your own home!

Available in a variety of flavours, our Bubble Tea Go products are quick and easy to prepare. You can enjoy our bubble tea in 1,001 different ways by adding fruit, alcohol or candy.

With Bubble Tea Go, you can savour the best bubble tea you’ve ever had!

Quite simply because you can prepare it exactly how you like it!

What are Mubbles?

With Mubbles, Bubble Tea Go brings the joy of drinking a bubble tea to new heights.

Mubbles are small pearls that explode in your mouth, letting you taste exotic flavours that will surprise and delight your palate.


To learn more, visit the official Mubbles website!

Where can I get my hands on the Bubble Tea Go bubble tea sets?

The products our company makes are distributed to various grocery stores across Quebec. We have just recently stocked every Metro grocery store in the province with some of our products.

To find our products, visit the juice aisle in your favourite supermarket.

Still can’t find our products?
Send a request to our branch manager!

Bubble Tea Go: 1 drink, 1,001 ways to enjoy it!

Our delicious drinks are a big hit for any occasion: an evening with friends, an afternoon spent relaxing by the pool, a children’s party.

No matter what the event, you can take out your Bubble Tea Go box and savour a delicious and refreshing bubble tea in less than a minute!

Find all our products at Metro supermarkets, candy shops, fine grocery stores and teashops all over Quebec. Try one today!

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